The kindergarten program teaches reading and writing of Hiragana, Katakana, and numbers. Fun activities such as crafts and songs are part of the weekly curriculum. Students learn school manners through organized and free play. The kindergarten is open to 4 and 5 year olds. Students are mixed regardless of Japanese language ability, but the entire class is conducted in Japanese.


The goal of the Elementary and the Junior High program is to help students achieve and maintain the same academic standards and abilities of their peers in Japan. Classes follow Ministry of Education guidelines and schedules. Textbooks, which are supplied by the Ministry, are the same as those used in Japan. Each class consists of 2 hours of Language Arts, and 1 hour of Arithmetic/Math. Elective classes in Social Studies, and Science are offered in grades 3 through 9. The Elementary School program is taught in Japanese, and is open to any appropriately aged child with native level Japanese ability.

Japanese as a Second Language

This course offers Japanese conversation, basics of writing and reading to non-Japanese speaking children. Students are admitted based on ability and language experience rather than age. The minimum age for enrollment is 8 years old, maximum age is 18 years old.


Kelly Moeur
From 1991 to 2018

Kumiko Hirano Gahan
From 2019


Vice-Principal : Itsumi Nakamura
Office Manager : Atsuko Harris
Chairman of the Board : Naoki Kurahashi
Director : Ippei Chizaki
Director : Shogo Komori
Director : Masakazu Nakazawa
Director : Takushi Nomura
Director : Takuro Yamada
Director : Kazuhisa Yamaguchi

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